This 2 x 7 yards piece is permanently installed in the atrium entrance of the Dana Science Center at Skidmore College. The seven part crumpled canvas installation took three months of preparation and a month for installation. 


Each canvas has a white line on it which can be seen as a straight line from one specific vantage point through out the three-floored building. Because that same line traverses crumpled canvas, seen from any other angle it appears jagged or unruly. The color schema, while not a copacetic rainbow, is still a contemplation on color refraction and dispersion as these gradating colors absorb natural and artificial light through out the day. 


The viewer, standing at infinite points on the x and y axis of this 3-story building, will always see the traversing white lines and absorption of light on the colored canvases as entirely unique to their vantage point and perception.